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Becoming a Better Diver

By Dive Buddy | July 24, 2014

Improve your skills, meet new people, look for a new dive adventure! Maybe you want to learn how to be sleeker and more streamlined while stalking fish? Ever wanted to learn how to navigate without depending on a divemaster? Perhaps you want more practice diving off a boat, in a spring or through a fast current?…

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August 23-24: Rescue Diver Course

By Dive Buddy | July 22, 2014

Saturday and Sunday, August 23-24 – 8:00 am. Here is the perfect class to begin your summer with.  This is designed to make you more aware of your surroundings, other divers, as well as making you a much safer, more confident diver.  This class is jam-packed with challenging, yet fun scenarios that we first discuss in the classroom,…

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Sign up for the St. Pete Open spearfishing tournament!

By Dive Buddy | July 17, 2014

Register here today for the August 15-17 St. Pete Open! Lots of prizes and one of the largest spearfishing tournaments in the world! The St. Pete Open started in 1956 and draws more than 6,000 people annually with shooters from all over Florida and beyond. Not a pro spearfisherman? Don’t sweat it, this is fun…

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July 26: Rainbow River Night Dive

By Dive Buddy | July 15, 2014

Join us Saturday night July 26, for our Rainbow River Night Dive, a drift dive down a 6-mile river flowing South from a headspring near Dunnellon pumping hundreds of gallons of fresh water per day. Before merging with the Withlacoochee, the river conjoins with several smaller springs – making this the perfect shallow drift dive of only 15 to 20-feet deep. Divers start…

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Tampa It’s Gag Grouper Season! July 1-Sept. 16

By Dive Buddy | July 3, 2014

By Mark Platau, Owner of Thunder Coast Custom Spearguns I know you all are just as excited as I am about Gag Grouper season finally being open. Now is the perfect time to get out there and shoot some fish. In a few weeks, the Gag Grouper will start getting wise to the fact they…

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July 30-31: Advanced Open Water Course

By Dive Buddy | June 12, 2014

Join us on the week of July 30 for an Advanced Open Water class! The core of this class includes 5 adventure dives. You will complete an Underwater Navigation dive where you will better learn the principles of underwater navigation and how to effectively use an underwater compass to find your way around. You will…

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July 9: Nitrox (Enriched Air) Course

By Dive Buddy | June 10, 2014

PADI Enriched Diver Course (Nitrox) is the most popular specialty course. This course enables you to use a gas mixture with a higher oxygen content – typically 32 percent to 36 percent. Enriched air gives you a longer no decompression time giving you a longer bottom time. You will learn about managing oxygen exposure, equipment…

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Kicking Off Scallop Season: June 28 – September 24

By Dive Buddy | June 2, 2014

Did you know that Florida has some of the best recreational scalloping in the world? According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, tomorrow kicks off the beginning of Florida scallop season from June 28 to September 24. To harvest a Florida scallop you can find by hand or by landing a dip net. You can…

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June 28-29: Abyss Freediving Course

By Dive Buddy | May 30, 2014

This program teaches fundamental Freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of up to 20m / 66ft.  You will also practice Static Apnea to help develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort. Is this course for you? You’re new to Freediving or typically dive in the shallows. You want to increase…

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June 22: 3 Tanks, 3 Wrecks

By Dive Buddy | May 28, 2014

Although the Keys are known for their wrecks, the Gulf has a few treasures of its own. Join us on Sunday, June 22 for a 3-tank 3-wreck dive with 2Shea charters to discover sunken ships in the Gulf including the Sheridan, the Blackthorn and the Sugar Barge. These spots will fill up fast so sign up…

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Get Your Man Cave – Diver Style

By Dive Buddy | May 23, 2014

Create you own ultimate man cave with $25,000-worth of dive gear and more!

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June 14: 2-Tank Gulf Night Dive

By Dive Buddy | May 15, 2014

Ever wanted to dive the Gulf at night? Now is your chance! On Saturday, June 14, we’ll take off from Clearwater at 6 p.m. on a 2-tank night dive – first starting with a dusk dive and the second a full night dive to experience a full range of creatures! Lights and all of your…

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