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Guest Lecture Series

By Dive Buddy | December 9, 2020

Every other month, Adventure Outfitters brings local experts to the area to talk about Florida-related topics – whether it be diving or related to the Florida environment. In some areas…

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We are here for you

By Dive Buddy | March 23, 2020

Adventure Outfitters has decided with the lift of the stay at home order, we will continue to serve our customers and clients at regular hours. We are still taking precautions…

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Gasparilla Cleanup Krewe 2020

By Dive Buddy | February 19, 2020

Adventure Outfitters partners with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful to clean up over 2,000 beads in Tampa Bay. On Sunday, January 26, the day after Gasparilla, Volunteers helped collect lots of…

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Remember the Blackthorn

By Dive Buddy | December 20, 2019

This January marks the 40th anniversary of the Blackthorn sinking in Tampa Bay. In 1980, the USCGC Blackthorn, a 180-foot buoy tender, collided with the tanker Capricorn near the Sunshine…

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5 Things We Learned From our Shearwaters

By Dive Buddy | October 2, 2019

As we (owners Anna and Jenny) were turning in their Shearwater Petrel’s for service this week, we discovered that our computers were due for an upgrade with a new bezel…

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Introducing the Narcosis Experience

By Dive Buddy | September 19, 2019

Adventure Outfitters was lucky enough to offer the first IBUM Narcosis Diver course! This course was designed to offer certified divers to participate in an experience that takes them in…

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Disney DiveQuest Experience

By Dive Buddy | August 15, 2019

Adventure Outfitters goes on the Epcot DiveQuest Experience on Aug. 3, 2019. DiveQuest is a Caribbean reef experience in Disney’s 5.7-million-gallon saltwater aquarium with more than 6,000 creatures including turtles,…

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Adventure Outfitters is Part of the Guinness Records’ Largest Cleanup Dive

By Dive Buddy | June 19, 2019

Adventure Outfitters is Part of the Guinness Book of World Records’ Largest Cleanup Dive in Deerfield Beach on Saturday! Joining 633 divers, Adventure Outfitters was part of the World Record…

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Talking Red Tides | Michelle Johnson

By Dive Buddy | April 10, 2019

Last month, Adventure Outfitters held another guest to our great collection of local Florida experts to discuss the potential causes of the red tide, the history of the Earth and…

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Staying Warm this Winter

By Dive Buddy | December 10, 2018

In Florida, we can dive all year long! It’s not like ice diving up North and we don’t have to worry nearly as often, about our regulators free-flowing or being…

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Recap of Friday Night’s From Sea to Space

By Dive Buddy | October 20, 2018

If you weren’t able to join us Friday for From Sea to Space: The Final Frontier, you missed an interesting discussion with Joseph Dituri, PhD, DMT, CDR – US Navy…

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Follow Along on our Trip to Roatan Honduras

By Dive Buddy | July 23, 2018

Instructor, Robert Blevins documents Adventure Outfitters’ trip to CocoView Resort in Roatan Honduras! See all of the images and videos on our Facebook Roatan Album! Sunday, July 22: Roatan Day…

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