What Divers Do in the Winter

what-is-the-scuba-diver_500x315 (Small)They keep diving, traveling and learning!

The kids are back in school, the days are getting shorter and cooler, and football is here, so that dive gear gets pushed back into the closet or corner of the garage. However, there are some great things to do throughout the winter months to perk your sense of adventure, keep up your gear, and keep your dive skills up to par. Here are a few ideas worth your while:

Take a class or join a free seminar that doesn’t require any dives! Here are a few that Adventure Outfitters have either scheduled or will be scheduling soon. Introduction to Spearfishing Seminar; Dive Against Debris Certification Course; Project Aware Certification; Equipment Specialist; Coral Reef Awareness Certification; Underwater Photography Seminar; History of Dive Tables Seminar; Emergency First Response Provider (EFR) and O2 Provider.

Caverns, Caverns and More Caverns Come on! We are in the Cave Capital of the World and every cave/cavern is a balmy 72 degrees! We have numerous trips planned to go to some of our local caverns. We also have cavern instructors teaching cavern courses throughout the next six months! Get your cave on!

East Coast Trips! Don’t forget the Atlantic side stays in the 70s. Plan a day or weekend trip there. We have a three tank wreck trip coming up on December 8th if you would like to join us. And, guess what, you can spearfish if you like as well on this trip.

Gear and Tanks Your gear needs some tender loving. Get it serviced now while you are not using it as often and when you take it back out – it’s nice and clean and properly working. If your tanks need to be visually inspected. O2 cleaned, and/or hydrostatically tested, bring it on into the shop and we can take care of it for you in a quick turn-around time.

Commit to your next big vacation! We’ve got two for you already scheduled. Whale shark and Manta Ray Snorkeling in July/August in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. And CocoView Resort in Roatan, Honduras in September! Put a down payment on these trips and get 5% off anything in the store!!