Thank YOU for Making our Picnic Island Cleanup a Success!

10537905_473987579407266_8090701399340736677_o (Small)We had a very successful 1st Annual Dive Against Debris Clean-Up Dive at Picnic Island last Saturday, November 8th. We had 39 people attend, collected more than 250 pounds of debris and saw various aquatic wildlife such as puffer fish, welks, manatees and dolphins. The collected debris has been analyzed, tallied and the results have been sent on to become part of the continuing research on marine debris to change legislation and builds knowledge on the debris impact. The pier area was cleaner than expected, however that may be due to currents sweeping the debris into the gulf. We are currently working with Project AWARE and Tampa Bay Green Consortium to determine if the Picnic Island Pier would be a good location for oyster domes or an artificial reef project.

10368266_474276959378328_4299560232777863541_n (Small)This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners: Tampa Bay Green Consortium, North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), Project AWARE and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful. Most of all, this wouldn’t have been possible without YOU! Thanks for your support and stay tuned for our next cleanup dive!

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