Kicking Off Scallop Season: June 28 – September 24

ScallopSeason (Small)Did you know that Florida has some of the best recreational scalloping in the world?

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, tomorrow kicks off the beginning of Florida scallop season from June 28 to September 24.

To harvest a Florida scallop you can find by hand or by landing a dip net. You can harvest in any fashion from off shore, freediving, snorkeling or even scuba. To remove the meat, it’s best to remove with a small scallop knife. Some of the best spots to harvest include St. Port Richey and Crystal River, FL. Remember that recreational harvesters need a Florida Saltwater fishing license to harvest bay scallops, even from shore.

Catch limit: 2 gallons whole Bay Scallops in shell or 1 pint of Bay Scallop meat per person. The maximum limit is 10 gallons of whole bay scallops in shell or a half a gallon bag of scallop meat per vessel.

Scallops can be sauteed, breaded or deep fried. Remember to remove the small side of the muscle and rinse with cold water and thoroughly pat dry before cooking. For recipes and more information on Florida scalloping click here.

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