July 30-31: Advanced Open Water Course

advanced-open-water-diver (Small)Join us on the week of July 30 for an Advanced Open Water class!

The core of this class includes 5 adventure dives. You will complete an Underwater Navigation dive where you will better learn the principles of underwater navigation and how to effectively use an underwater compass to find your way around. You will also do a deep water dive to 60 to 100 feet and learn the important considerations of deep dives including the practical aspects and physiological concerns of deep diving. The last three Adventure dives are up to your choosing, currently we offer:

Boat Diver, Digital Underwater Photography, Dry Suit Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Multilevel Diver, Night Diver, Search and Recovery Diver, and Wreck Diver
Each of these Adventure dives will give you credit toward the specific certification in each of these specialties. You will need the Open Water certification and at least the basic scuba gear and an underwater compass for the navigation dive. Depending on which adventure dives you choose, you will the specific gear for that type of dive, such as a flashlight for the night dive, or dry-suit for the dry-suit dive.

Overall this is a must-have class for those wishing to further develop their scuba diving skills and will provide you with a wider array of diving experience.

For more information, contact instructor Anna Blevins at anna@adventuretampa.com or at 813-832-6669.