July 26: Rainbow River Night Dive

AlligatorGarr_2 (Small)Join us Saturday night July 26, for our Rainbow River Night Dive, a drift dive down a 6-mile river flowing South from a headspring near Dunnellon pumping hundreds of gallons of fresh water per day. Before merging with the Withlacoochee, the river conjoins with several smaller springs – making this the perfect shallow drift dive of only 15 to 20-feet deep. Divers start at the dock, loading into a 24-foot pontoon boat making way North where divers are dropped off with an Adventure Outfitters divemaster drifting South where you will encounter a variety of sleeping fish, Florida Gar through the grass, Pseudemys turtles, also referred to as Florida cooters, freshwater shrimp and more! To reserve your spot, you can place a deposit of $50 through PayPal below or for more information, contact us at 813-832-6669 or at info@adventuretampa.com.