Introducing the Narcosis Experience

Adventure Outfitters was lucky enough to offer the first IBUM Narcosis Diver course! This course was designed to offer certified divers to participate in an experience that takes them in a multiplace hyperbaric chamber, pressurized down to at least 165 feet in a controlled, expert-led environment.

Watch a few clips from the experience in the chamber!

IBUM Narcosis Diver Course

Classroom: At Adventure Outfitters
o Review Dive Gas Theories as it applies to chamber operations
o Overview of Hyperbaric Chamber Operations and Safety
o In-depth lecture on Narcosis
o Brief intro and familiarization mono-place chambers and treatment at Tampa Facility
o Introduction to multi-place chamber operations
o Conduct air chamber dive to 165ft.

With your dive, you receive:
o IBUM Narcosis Diver T-shirt
o Video of your dive

Instructions to Divers:
o Divers should not bring any dive gear.
o Divers must bring all cotton attire (recommended t-shirts and shorts) to change into for chamber dive at multi-place.
o No other items will be allowed in the chamber to include watches, jewelry, cameras or phones. (This is for safety)
o Participants should refrain from applying lotions, oils, hairspray or make-up the day of the dive.
o All medical and physical requirements to perform an open water dive apply to a chamber dive. Divers who are sick or have nasal or chest congestion will not be permitted to dive.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Adventure Outfitters at 813-832-6669 or

International Board of Undersea Medicine (IBUM) exists to train recompression chamber operators, Diving Medical Technicians, Advanced Diving Medical Technicians, Intermediate Clinical Hyperbaric Technicians, Advanced Clinical Hyperbaric Technicians and Hyperbaric Physicians as well as educate and increase safety for those who work in the hyperbaric field and certify facilities to the highest international standard.