PADI #254856

Anna Blevins

PADI Certified Instructor

Anna became certified at the beginning of 2004 along with her two sons and husband in order to dive while taking a trip to Puerto Rico. She is an Army veteran and served as a litigation paralegal for several years.

In 2014, she took over the leadership for Adventure Outfitters with her son, Alex and is committed to implementing safety into a diver’s education. She is also the champion of a city-wide dive moment to help clean up our marine environments working with Project AWARE’s Diver Against Debris and Keeping Tampa Bay Beautiful.

“When I started diving, I was a nervous Nellie and that is what encouraged me to take additional dive classes. Questions such as: Why is enriched air better? What’s that “random” number on my dive computer for? Why can’t I properly find the boat and have to swim back to it? were finally answered! As I continued taking classes I began to appreciate all what the underwater world has to offer and gained a better understanding of dive theory – why things work the way they work underwater.  Most importantly, I understand what the nervous diver is going through and the best part is, the more training you do, the better diver you become. I make sure that classes are only as large as the individual diver can handle. We don’t do cattle calls and we always make sure that safety is top-of-mind.”

Anna currently is full-cave certified and is able to teach a variety of courses including divemaster, cavern, advanced, master diver, open water and many more specialties.

Anna has an unsurpassed passion for teaching people how to dive safely and to enjoy all what the underwater realm has to offer. At Adventure Outfitters we take great pride in ensuring that each dive student feels fully confidant and has master every skill. We don’t hurry our students and will take as much time as needed to ensure that they will be a strong, confident, safe and happy diver.

PADI #296658

Alex Blevins

PADI Certified Instructor
Alex Blevins is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer instructor who loves to spearfish and freedive in the Gulf any chance he gets. You will often find him perusing tide tables to see if he can squeeze in a quick freediving or spearfishing trip.

Prior to opening Adventure Outfitters with his mother, Anna in 2014, Alex worked with USAA and United States Social Security Administration. Alex graduated from the University of Missouri in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Mathematics. He is a newlywed and is married to Jennifer Lane Blevins who is also his life-long dive partner.

Alex is Adventure Outfitters’ equipment and gear guru and has a passion for rebuilding and collecting old regulators. He enjoys the challenge of fixing and repairing them and the craftsmanship of their design. He also has a wide knowledge of technical diving and the gear that goes with these specialty activities. Ask him about sidemount, double or trimix diving any day!

Alex also loves teaching, especially when he is working with new scuba divers and helping them to become more confident divers. Alex also teaches many of the PADI specialty courses including Enriched Air, Equipment Specialist, Wreck Diver, Search & Recovery Diver but probably his favorite activity, is teaching others to hunt, spear and fillet their fish!

Bill Van Deman is a Performance Freediving International (PFI) Certified Freediver Instructor and has held PFI status since 2012.

Bill Van Deman

PFI Certified Freediver Instructor

Bill is an experienced local freediver and decorated competiBillClassroomtion spearfisherman. Bill’s team finished second in the state breath-hold spearfishing championship each of the past two years and took third place in the state in 2010. Bill is also a 3 time national qualifier finishing as high as 7th place team and 11th individually at 2012 Nationals. Bill is a past president of the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Club and the current president of the Florida Skin Divers Association that has held the state spearfishing championships since 1952. Bill has served as tournament chairman of both the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge and the FSDA Southern Open State Championship.

PADI #254855

Robert Blevins

Certified PADI Instructor and HSA Instructor

Robert is a certified PADI dive instructor for Adventure Outfitters. He is also a retired U.S. Army Reserve veteran participating in Operation Desert Shield/Storm, Operation Enduring Freedom, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Robert has been married to Anna since 1984 and is a graduate of Colorado State University and Regis University in Denver. He enjoys all aspects of diving including recreational diving, spearfishing, cave, and deep trimix diving. He also is a Handicapped Suba Association (HSA)instructor, able to train handicapped and disabled divers as well as their buddies. Robert will gladly share any aspect of diving and dive training with any interested student.

“Since my early years in Fort Lauderdale I’ve always wanted to dive and spent time in the ocean swimming and snorkeling. We started out in the muddy lakes of Missouri and northern Arkansas, but since then I have enthusiastically pursued all types of diving and underwater recreation. I enjoy diving in perfect, gin-clear waters of a Florida spring or on a reef in the Caribbean as much as I do in poor visibility of a winter shore dive in the Gulf or exploring a silted wreck.”

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