Snorkeling Classes

Picture of Children Getting Snorkeling Instructions by Side of Pool

Image of Young Kid at Snorkeling Class

Adventure Outfitter’s PADI Skin Diving course is, snorkeling while making breath-hold dives to observe aquatic life, up close and personal. It’s a great way to explore the underwater world when you’re not able to scuba dive or just not old enough yet. Our Skin Diver course teaches you how to enjoy watching life below the surface and comfortably venture underwater for short visits, whether you dive in a local freshwater

spring or in the ocean, at home or on vacation.

To enroll in a PADI Skin Diver course, you must be at least 8 years old. You need adequate swimming skills and to be comfortable in the water.

No prior experience is required.

The Skin Diver course teaches you: How to choose, adjust and use skin diving equipment, basic safety guidelines for being in and around the water, snorkeling and skin diving techniques including checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives and finally, going on an optional skin dive at a local dive site!

Prior to booking, please review the Cancellation & Deposit Policies on the FAQs Page.

For more information or to book this course, please contact us at or call 813-832-6669.