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Mermaid folklores frequent many cultures around the world dating back to 1000 B.C. Step into a world of wonder, imagination and fun exploring the underwater world with a mermaid class! Mermaid diving is a fun way to be introduced to the water, without the pressure of breath-hold diving or gear-intensive SCUBA diving. Learn the safety and basics of mermaid diving and elementary freediving while also learning fun techniques and skills. Mermaid classes are offered to anyone who is six years old or older, comfortable in the water and in good, physical health. Adaptive learning opportunities are available.

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This course includes the very basics of mermaiding. This course is wonderful for birthday parties, family events and those who simply want to try mermaiding. This course is conducted in a pool or confined water (pool-like conditions) and introduces the elementary concepts of being a mermaid. No previous snorkeling or freediving experience is required. Group and family rates offered.


This course is designed to get you started with at least one confined pool session. Learn more about mermaid diving through independent study with the PADI Basic Mermaid eLearning and a classroom session. Learn basic skills including problem solving, safety and prevention skills and how to make mermaid dives.


This course is a continuation from the Basic Mermaid, focused on two confined water sessions including the basic mermaid skills and additional rescues and problem solving. You also learn fun skills including dolphin kicks, C’shape turns, U-shape side turns, bubble rings, mermaid kisses, summersaults and more! Along with two confined sessions, you will also continue your independent study through the PADI mermaid eLearning and participate in a classroom session prior to your confined session.


The Advanced Mermaid course is a continuation of the Mermaid course which includes knowledge development through PADI Advanced Mermaid eLearning, a classroom session, at least two confined water sessions and at least one open water session. This is one of the most exciting courses, as you will be able to put your fun skills to use at depth but also will be able to run through safety and rescue skills that may occur in an open water scenario. The location of these sessions is always based on conditions, safety and visibility and is always at the instructor’s discretion.



For your course, you will need a low-volume mask, quick release weight belt (we recommend a Marseilles weight belt), bi-fins (snorkeling fins) and an open bore, J Snorkel. All courses come with an eLearning, if required and with the tail and monofin.



Add photography/video session for only $100 more. If you purchase your own mermaid tail and monofin, the photography session is free.



Adventure Outfitters is a Cape Cali authorized dealer, selling eco-friendly, recycled material tails that are comfortable and affordable. Please reach out for more information on our tail pricing and availability!



If you are interested in hiring a mermaid to be at your event, party or get together, please reach out to or call us at 813-832-6669. We would love to make your guests smile and have a mer-mazing time!

For more information, please visit our FAQs page on our business, our deposit and cancellation policy and more.