Adventure Diver Specialties

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Expand your dive experience and knowledge by trying a few different types of diving with the Adventure Diver Specialties courses! The PADI Adventure diver courses are all about sampling different types of diving that each local environment has to offer. Your adventure dive is the first dive of each specialty.

Each specialty certification consists of several types of different dives of your choice from the following:


Adaptive Support Diver

Adaptive Techniques

Advanced Rebreather Diver

Altitude Diver

AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation

AWARE - Fish Identification

Boat Diver

Cavern Diver

Deep Diver

Digital Underwater Photographer

Diver Propulsion Vehicle

Drift Diver

Dry Suit Diver

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Enriched Air Diver

Equipment Specialist

Ice Diver

Multilevel Diver

Night Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Project AWARE Specialist

Public Safety Diver

Search and Recovery Diver

Sidemount Diver


Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigator

Underwater Videographer

Wreck Diver

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