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Tampa Scuba Diving Classes


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Adventure Outfitters Dive Center is a 5-Star-rated PADI Dive Center and an SDI/TDI/ERDI/PFI and IANTD Facility and family-run, Veteran-owned, business that prides itself on quality private and/or small-class sizes with personalized instruction. Our instructors are PADI, SDI/TDI and/or IANTD scuba diver trainers. By having multiple certifying agencies, leading in safe practices and standards in diving worldwide, we can customize your experience even further. We make sure that each diver receives personalized attention, high-quality rental gear, explores unique dive sites, and has the best experience possible. We devote as much time as it takes to ensure that you not only master each skill, but become a confident, informed diver, ready for today’s high-tech dive scene.

Certifying Agencies

To give you the best education, Adventure Outfitters supports several certifying agencies.


International Training is a collection of certifying agencies concentrating on different arms of the dive industry. Starting off as technical divers, International Training was the first agency to introduce online learning or eLearning, making it more accessible to divers. International Training focuses on technical diving or diving that exceeds recreational dive limit; sport diving with a solid foundation and skills to make safe divers, while also introducing fun new concepts to new divers; and professional diving including instructors, divemasters, public safety and first response teams as well as commercial agencies and organizations. Learn more here


PADI is the world’s premier certifying agency and is a leader on safe practices and standards worldwide. No matter where you travel, PADI certifications are accepted worldwide and PADI’s education materials and performance-based education is a leading and proven teaching method across different cultures, languages and physical abilities. Learn more here


One of the first technical agencies, IANTD was started in 1985 in support of the dive community where mixed gas diving and the use of decompression gases were limited. Led by Tom Mount, IANTD is now one of the leading technical training organizations in the world and is used by military and commercial divers worldwide. Learn more here

- Performance Freediving International – PFI

As a cutting-edge sport, Freediving has just recently started to become recreationally popular. PFI was the first agency in North America to offer a complete course that not only included ways to improve in depth and time but most importantly, the course taught the safety characteristics of the sport. According to the PFI website, the PFI system is used by exclusively by Red Bull and Special Operations forces including the US Naval Special Warfare Group and US Special Forces as well scientific and educational institutions such as American Academy of Underwater Sciences. Learn more here

What you will need for your course

Due to safety, fit and comfort, every diver is required to have their own personal gear. Before you start your class, we will walk you through the different types of diving, appropriate gear and what is suitable. You will have the opportunity to try on different types of equipment to ensure a proper fit and safety. Our gear is competitively priced and hand-selected by our instructors and service technicians to get you the best equipment for the best price. For your course, you will need to have a well-fitting scuba mask, snorkel, pair of boots and fins, mask and defog to complete the course. If your gear is ill-fitting or poses a safety concern/hazard, Adventure Outfitters will assist you with finding more-suitable gear for your course.

What to bring during your Confined and Open Water Sessions

Please bring your personal gear, swim suit, towel, snack/sack lunch, water and sunscreen. We will also need all of your course paperwork and if you completed online training, please print off your certificate of completion and bring that with you.

Entry Fees

Entry fees range from $20 to $50 and boat charter fees range from $100 to $175. These are fees that are charged by the operator of the dive site and/or vessel. The dive sites that are chosen for your course, are based on availability, comfort, visibility and weather conditions.

For more information on Adventure Outfitters policies and procedures including deposits, cancellations and more, visit our FAQs section!


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  • Instructors

    Know who you are learning from. Check out the Adventure Outfitters pros here. We’re passionate about teaching!

  • Discover Scuba

    Get your first taste of scuba diving with this Great Introduction Course!! Ages 10 and up!

  • PADI Bubblemaker & Seal Team

    Scuba Party! Lots of fun for 8 & 9-year-olds who get to take their first breaths underwater!

  • Snorkeling

    Great way to explore the underwater world via kayak, shore or boat! Eco tours available!

  • Mermaid

    Step into a world of wonder, imagination and fun exploring the underwater world!

  • Scuba Review

    Has it been a year since your last dive? Brush up on your skills with this course.

  • Open Water Certification

    Congratulations on your first Giant Stride into the underwater world!

  • Advanced Open Water Certification

    Another Giant Stride into the aquatic realm! Execute five Specialty Dives for your certification!

  • Adventure Diver

    Expand your dive experience and knowledge through different specialty courses based on location, equipment and more!

  • Enriched Air (Nitrox)

    The most Popular Specialty course! Get more bottom time through higher oxygen concentrations.

  • Emergency First Response

    As a lay rescuer, become more confident when faced with a medical emergency, should one arise.

  • Rescue Diver

    Learn to prevent and/or manage certain emergency situations both in and out of the water.

  • Dive Master

    Expand your knowledge and dive leadership skills in the first professional diver qualification through PADI/SDI.

  • Freediving

    Experience the beauty underwater with no tank and no bubbles! Safety is our primary initiative!

  • Wreck Diver (External Survey)

    Explore sunken vessels, aircrafts, and other amazing wrecks in this specialty course!

  • Cavern

    Get all the tools to safely explore amazing and beautiful underwater cavern environments.

  • Technical Diving

    Whether is preparing you for deep wrecks or caves, take your next step into the Technical world of diving!