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Marine Protection

Talking Red Tides | Michelle Johnson

Last month, Adventure Outfitters held another guest to our great collection of local Florida experts to discuss the potential causes of the red tide, the history of the Earth and our waterways/currents and how we can be advocates for our oceans. See the entire talk on our Facebook Live Post below!

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2016 Dive Against Debris at Ballast Point and Picnic Island

We need divers, shore personnel, data collectors, and kayakers. All volunteers and families are welcome! All clean up dives are on a Sunday morning. Picnic Island: June 12 at 9 am Ballast Point: July 10 at 9 am Picnic Island: August 28 at 9 am Ballast Point: September 11 at 9 am Picnic Island: November…

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Help Eradicate Lionfish from Florida Waters

-Lionfish currently have no significant predators in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico -They consume a wide variety of fish and invertebrates -They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, salinities and depth -Eighteen of their spines can cause painful wounds -They have free floating egg masses that are distributed by ocean currents and can…

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5 Activities to Get You in the Water This Summer

OK, so maybe you already have your Open Water certification or you have gone diving a time or two. The water temperature is rising! Here are a few other adventures that await you to check off your bucket list this summer. Spearfishing Ever wanted to catch the big one? Tired of the rod and reel?…

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