Adventure Outfitters is Part of the Guinness Records’ Largest Cleanup Dive

Adventure Outfitters is Part of the Guinness Book of World Records’ Largest Cleanup Dive in Deerfield Beach on Saturday!

Joining 633 divers, Adventure Outfitters was part of the World Record Cleanup dive in Deerfield Beach hosted by Dixie Divers. This was the center’s 14th year of doing the cleanup.

We joined divers of all ages and certification level and unfortunately, literally tons of trash.

“We saw hundreds of fishermen lead weight, thousands of yards of monofilament and stainless steel line,” said owner and Instructor Alex Blevins.

Monofilament takes more than 600 years to degrade, according to Project Aware’s website.

“It was very sad to see how much was down there for a cleanup that happens annually.” said Alex. “Divers are the most important for marine debris cleanup because we’re the only ones that have the expertise to remove and report debris.”

To learn more about this event, visit the news story by the Sun Sentinel here.