5 Things We Learned From our Shearwaters

As we (owners Anna and Jenny) were turning in their Shearwater Petrel’s for service this week, we discovered that our computers were due for an upgrade with a new bezel and more-secure O-Ring! As we learned more, we decided to share the results with our customers.

Here’s what we learned:

  1. Petrel Updates: In September, Shearwater introduced an update to the Petrel with a titanium bezel. Other Petrel’s can be updated with the new bezel through the repair center by contacting info@shearwater.com. You must include your name, address and phone number, description of your problem, unit model, S/N and Firmware Version. Please note, that Petrel firmware MUST be updated via PC and will not work via Bluetooth or Mobile.
  2. Sunscreen Sunburn: Through several repairs and studies, service technicians are now advising to avoid touching your computer screen after using your lotion. A lot of dive computers use a transparent polycarbonate plastic faceplate, or Lexan, as an alternative to glass for the faceplate to their dive computers. Although a crack in the faceplate is unlikely, the repeated exposure to sunscreen can cause a hazing/distortion of the clear plastic faceplate. Technicians encourage thoroughly rinsing your dive computer prior to your dive and using a small amount of baby shampoo or dish soap to remove the chemicals in the lotions.
  3. Are you Diving? Periodically, your dive computer will turn on internally to see if you’re diving (this is how it knows to turn on dive mode once you hit 3 feet at sea level). Although hardly visible, this does use a tiny bit of battery in the process which over time can increase the chances of alkaline battery leaks. Because of this issue, service technicians are recommending, if you aren’t going to be diving for a month or more, take out your battery.
  4. Only the Bunny, Honey: Service technicians suggest that Shearwater computers perform the best with Energizer Lithium batteries. They tend to last longer and can perform well in extreme temperatures, especially colder temperatures that extreme divers encounter. Although, not specifically mentioned by Shearwater, service technicians say to use caution with Duracell alkaline batteries, as there have been more cases of leaking with those batteries than others. To learn more about battery changes and storage, visit the FAQ page on the Shearwater website.
  5. Turn it in Already! If you have a battery cap issue, firmware issue, flooding issue or more, contact us and we can send it in! The equipment service department is extremely reliable, fast and will uphold a warranty, even after years of use. You can also get a few items for free including screen protectors, caps and more. Don’t change out the O-ring on your own! Leave it to the experts. They are super delicate and should be replaced with caution to avoid flooding. Service technicians also distinguish a difference between the blue O-Rings and the black O-Rings. They are not interchangeable and can increase the risk of flooding.

“I’ve used a lot of computers in different environments and the Shearwater brand is the simplest and most easy to use in every environment. Because it was made by divers for divers, it’s truly user-friendly.”

Owner, Alex Blevins

Shearwater computers are long-lasting easy-to-use computers that are suitable for both recreation and technical divers. Our entire family and most of our friends use these computers for a variety of diving including cave diving, deep, technical diving, recreational diving, teaching and more. They are easy to see, easy to use, easy to customize and easy to work with. For more information on Shearwater products and more, visit: https://www.shearwater.com/.