5 Activities to Get You in the Water This Summer

OK, so maybe you already have your Open Water certification or you have gone diving a time or two. The water temperature is rising! Here are a few other adventures that await you to check off your bucket list this summer.

1378135_10200682084246214_1405700263_n (Mobile)Spearfishing
Ever wanted to catch the big one? Tired of the rod and reel? Want to see your food before you cook it? Then this is the activity for you! The Gulf is perfect for catching breakfast, lunch or dinner. We can set you up with all the gear you need, including the perfect spear gun, wetsuit, gloves, bands and anything else that will fit your budget and get you in the water. Adventure Outfitters partners with 2Shea Charters – the premier charter in the Tampa Bay area, geared towards the spear fisherman. If you’re curious about the sport or need some advice on purchasing your gear or techniques – contact us! We will be happy to help.

megteeth (Mobile)Fossil Hunting
OK, so maybe spear guns and fish guts aren’t for you but you would love to find some treasures to keep in your home, show off to your friends or keep in your fish tank. Fossils are everywhere in Tampa – in the rivers, streams, lakes and off the Gulf shore. You can find a variety of fossils including several species of animals. Teeth and bones from whales, giant sloths, dugongs, sharks, megladons, saber-toothed cats, horses, turtles and many others have been found in Florida waters. Adventure Outfitters takes our fossil hunting trips off the coast of Venice Beach, just South of Sarasota along the Gulf Coast. With the right conditions, you can spend hours collecting your goody bags of treasures in less than 30 feet of water. For more information on our Venice trips, email us at info@adventuretampa.com.

3LEON BLU PHOTO SHOOT-2 (2) (Mobile)Freediving
Feel more weightless than you’ve ever felt. Learn how to dive without a tank by holding your breath. By learning special breath-holding techniques, you can stay down longer and feel more comfortable. Adventure Outfitters partners with Abyss Freediving, LLC with Bill Van Deman, Performance Freediving International freediver and instructor who has learned from some of the top freediver instructors in the world. There is still one more spot for his upcoming class which will be held at Adventure Outfitters on April 25, 26 and 27. For more information, visit the Abyss Freediving courses site. Need a low-profile mask, weight belt, J snorkel, longblade fins or a wetsuit? We can help you with that! Drop us a line at 813-832-6669 and we’ll be happy to help with any gear you need for your adventures.

Goliath_Grouper_2_ver2 (Small)Wreck Diving
One way to find a window into the past is through wreck diving. Ships and boats that have sunk – either on purpose or by accident are now a living part of the ocean. Although there are several wrecks throughout the world that are fun to explore, there are plenty in the nearby Gulf including the Sheridan, Gunsmoke and Blackthorn – just to name a few. Adventure Outfitters partners with Tanks-A-Lot Charters takes special trips to the Sheridan, a tug boat that has now become home to giant Goliath Groupers! If you’re interested in wreck diving or want to learn more, contact Adventure Outfitters.

fish6 (Mobile)Underwater Photography and Volunteer Surveying
If you prefer admiring the pretty fishies from afar rather than for dinner, fish surveying or underwater photography is the perfect way to connect to your fish friends while leaving the area untouched. The REEF Volunteer Survey Project is a way to directly connect scuba divers with marine conservation by surveying marine fish populations, selected invertebrate and algae species in the temperate reef areas of West Coast of the U.S. and Canada, the South Atlantic States and the Northeast U.S. and Eastern Canada. Underwater photography is one of the most popular and also one of the most fun ways to capture wildlife without disturbing. Capture a ray burring himself in the sand or a sea turtle passing by and share it with your friends and family. To learn more about possible underwater photography courses and equipment or the REEF Volunteer Survey Project, contact Adventure Outfitters.


For more information on Adventure Outfitters’ classes, instructors, gear servicing, tank fills or anything scuba diving-related, contact us at info@adventuretampa.com.