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Archive for February 2016

Adventure Outfitters Represents at 2016 Interbay Spearfishing Challenge

This Saturday, Feb. 6 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Adventure Outfitters will attend the 2016 Interbay Spearfishing Challenge, hosted by the Florida Skin Divers Association. This annual tournament is great for spearfishermen and spearfisherwomen who free dive and for those who are limited to their kayaks or jon boats, although the tournament isĀ open to…

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Help Eradicate Lionfish from Florida Waters

-Lionfish currently have no significant predators in the Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico -They consume a wide variety of fish and invertebrates -They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, salinities and depth -Eighteen of their spines can cause painful wounds -They have free floating egg masses that are distributed by ocean currents and can…

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